July 11, 2013

Take The "Bite" Out Of Mean

I’ve got an interesting question for you today: how do you feel about mean people? Don’t you just hate it when people are mean? Man, some people are just junkyard […]


I’ve got an interesting question for you today: how do you feel about mean people? Don’t you just hate it when people are mean? Man, some people are just junkyard dawg, flat-out mean. Nothing comes out of their mouths except negativity, gossip and rudeness! Worse still, these people can TOTALLY ruin your day…week…or month.

So true, right, mean people can be total downers. It doesn’t matter if they are strangers, peers, coworkers or even family members. Some days it’s like they’re EVERYWHERE.

Come on, tell me you’ve had those days! Someone cuts you off or gives you the one-finger salute in traffic. You found the MOST rude and unhelpful sales clerk in the entire the store. Your kids just won’t stop complaining. And then you get the meanest Facebook comment in the history of the Internet (or it feels like it). “Oh my gosh, why would someone ever write that?!”

WE cannot change people. Neither one of us has the power to make mean people be nice. In fact, you can’t either. Because you cannot control people!

However, you CAN control one thing. YOU control your own thoughts and actions. You have one quick, easy, way to deal with mean people in your day-to-day life.

Just don’t accept it! You and I both know when people act rude or mean, it is very rarely about you personally. And yet we still take offense to their actions. What kind of sense does that make? Usually it’s their issues coming out in a physical or verbal form…unless they are just genuinely mean, in which case, this still applies. They’re late for work AGAIN, their boss just yelled at them in front of their whole department, they have a short fuse and somebody just lit it. There are a million excuses why people act the way they do, but whatever it is, the reason is usually NOT you.

Next time a car pulls out in front of you, or a person says something negative or rude towards you just say these words, “I don’t receive that.” CHOOSE not to take offense. Because more often than not, that person isn’t trying to attack you, offend you or tick you off. And even if they are, it doesn’t mean you have to accept the offense or even to deal with it.

What has taking offense ever done for you? Caused you extra stress? Caused you to make similar comments to other people? Put you on edge? It hurts your life more than you think. Taking offense from mean people doesn’t just ruin your day. In the long run, it affects your relationships and makes you less productive.

Mean people, nice people, rude people — they’re ALL people! And because they ARE people, they deserve your honor and respect. Use today’s message to take the “bite” out of “mean.” Chances are, a mean person’s bark is probably a lot worse than their bite, so do your part not to take offense and not let these insignificant encounters alter your actions and emotions, won’t we all be better off? Take a stand on Facebook and Twitter against “mean” by sharing this post!

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