May 21, 2013

Two Little Words Everyone Needs To Hear

I had an interesting revelation a couple weeks ago. My 15-year-old son, Roman, came up to me and said in a very sincere and heartfelt way, "Mom, you really did […]


I had an interesting revelation a couple weeks ago. My 15-year-old son, Roman, came up to me and said in a very sincere and heartfelt way, "Mom, you really did a good job on your radio show today." I was like, "Wow…"

You know, we can all use encouragement. Sometimes we just need to hear that we’re doing a good job. Unfortunately, most of the time when people do a good job, it is completely ignored. So when Roman said that to me, I caused me to think, "Who do I know that needs to hear that right now?"

And then I just went crazy with telling people flat-out, "You’re doing a great job." I got on Facebook and I saw some parents who were taking a stand for good, healthy food and getting away from the dangerous GMO food for their families. So I wrote to them and simply said, "You’re a good mom!" or "You’re a good dad!"

I want to pass this on to you today because it’s important that we look for opportunities to tell people they’re doing a good job at whatever it is they do, whether they are another parent, a co-worker, your waitress at a restaurant, or even your boss.

And by the way, you may want to change your gauge of what a "good job" is. If you are looking for over-the-top, superhuman service, that’s not fair to the other person or to you. But when you tell someone they’ve done a good job, it’s like speaking life into another person, and it actually gives you life as well. It activates this exhilarated energy inside of you, and it builds your confidence.

I want you to imagine that you have an account – like a bank account – for confidence. This account does not get filled automatically. You have to fill it.

There are certain things we do that either fills that account, or empties it. When you encourage other people, and you tell them specifically, "Thank you for doing such a great job," or "You are a really great mom," that fills your account.

This is NOT saying, "You are a perfect mom!" No way! All moms and dads, all bosses and employees, all human beings make big mistakes. But telling someone they’re doing a good job is not saying they’re perfect. So again, you may need to change your standard of who you encourage and what you say to those people.

When you withhold those kinds of encouraging comments, you are not filling your confidence account. You use confidence every day in your relationships, your business, your job, and everything you do, and you are using up what is in your account. If you are not putting anything into that confidence account, you will end up bone dry.

You’ve got to make sure to keep that account full, and encouraging other people will do that for you. When you speak life to other people and point out what they’re doing right, this builds your confidence and theirs. You can build your confidence by building other people’s confidence.

So ask yourself today – "Who do I know that could use some extra encouragement and an extra boost of confidence today?" Who do you know that needs to hear "Good job" today? I’m sure you’re saying "I could use that!" Great! Go give that to someone else, and see how it makes you feel!

I’d also encourage you to spread this message around your home, your workplace, and your community. Everyone needs encouragement and confidence, and this is a great way to fill that need. Simply post this link on Facebook and Twitter.

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In great faith,


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