September 30, 2013

Will Your Retirement Be A Boom Or Bust?

They gave us rock-n-roll, they showed us a picture-perfect life in the suburbs, they defined an entire consumer culture and now, Baby Boomers are once again blazing new trails into […]


They gave us rock-n-roll, they showed us a picture-perfect life in the suburbs, they defined an entire consumer culture and now, Baby Boomers are once again blazing new trails into retirement. Or are they?

Undoubtedly they are the most influential generation since the turn of the 20th Century, as each step of their journey created significant cultural milestones and broke ground on unimaginable paths. And, as they move into this next phase of their lives – some kicking and screaming all the way – it looks like it might be a bumpy ride into their “golden years.”

Let’s be honest here… any generation who can convince the original counter-culture “Easy Rider” star Dennis Hopper to be the spokesman for an insurance and investment company is not planning to accept aging or retirement gracefully!

But even more importantly, a lot of Baby Boomers are just plain not planning. Between the chemical, surgical and pharmaceutical options now available, along with a certain mindset, this generation is REFUSING to accept aging! How often have you seen or heard “50 is the new 30… 60 is the new 40”? Maybe the mindset is that if retirement is still years away, I don’t have to think about it, plan for it or make any lifestyle changes to prepare.

Even more disturbing, I saw a couple recently at a casual restaurant, getting out of their huge motorhome, with a brand new luxury sedan hitched behind it and they were wearing matching T-shirts that said “We’re spending our children’s inheritance!”

Can you even imagine such an attitude?! That’s what got me to thinking about how we as a society are looking at retirement. It made we wonder if we are financing our future on a credit line of debt our children will inherit. Are we building a culture of generational poverty and debt?

This is one of the best examples of a 98% mentality! While 98% of people continue to spend and define success by the size of their homes and cars and “toys,” they have not only bought into a destructive mentality themselves but are also sending a powerful message to the next generation. Rather than deciding to create a lasting legacy of wealth, prosperity and generosity, too many have become “me first” people who want it all now and don’t think about the future: the future of their children, the future of their community, the future of any enterprise or the future of the society.

This generation has the power and influence to really make a difference in how we view retirement and to revolutionize how future generations view genuine financial and spiritual wealth!

We must move from a “spend and debt” mentality to an “invest and reinvent” process. Baby Boomers have the opportunity to share the depth of their business expertise and life experiences, to pass on their knowledge for the future. Retirement from a primary job or career opens up a whole world of “second act” entrepreneurial and consulting prospects!

Pass on a legacy of knowledge. Don’t settle for “getting by” in retirement or just marking time until death. Create an investment strategy that not only allows the chance to go and do all those things you never had time for before, but also establishes a financial cornerstone upon which your children and grandchildren can build.

I’m encouraging you, whether you’re one of those groundbreaking Baby Boomers, a Gen X-er, a Millennial or of another generation, to make a promise to yourself TODAY to rethink your legacy and plan to live a truly uncommon life for your retirement! Spark a revolution and share this message with your friends, family and coworkers and to create an even bigger “boom,” share these ideas on Facebook and Twitter.

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