Have you ever made a mistake, failed miserably, fallen flat on your face or experienced all-in-all a major loss? Maybe this whole year was just an overall major failure for you. If I’m the first to tell you this, I’m very sorry, but listen… you’re human!

In other words, you are going to make mistakes, fail and sometimes lose because of your decisions. You might even be in a period of sucking up one loss after another right now. Especially during the holidays, I see people give up so easily. You blew your holiday budget, ruined your diet, didn’t reach your sales goal or just never got around to any of your goals for the year.

At that point, you can go one of two ways. The first is you can just say, “Hey maybe next year.” Your second choice is to stop setting goals altogether.  “If you’re already behind, what’s the point in fighting? Maybe this is just the hand I’ve been dealt.”

Look, whichever mindset you currently have,  here’s how to use that failure to STOP losing and start winning.

1. First, and this is so simple, yet people get tripped up on it all the time. Don’t get discouraged! It’s easy to feel beat up, down for the count or like you should just throw in the towel. Instead of having a pity party, try something that will actually improve your circumstances.

2. The second thing you have to do, is remain teachable. Look at your response when you fail.  You are defined by how you react to those circumstances! The truth is, everyone needs an editor. No matter how “good” you are, you will never know everything about everything, and you will make mistakes.  If you messed up, don’t bother trying to hide it. Don’t bother trying to make excuses for it!

When you defend yourself and make excuses for why you did what you did, it doesn’t make you look good. It makes you look childish. It absolutely does NOT make people trust you or have confidence in you.

You have to be willing to receive correction, knowing it will make you better! The correction might come from a coworker, a friend or even from yourself – but correction is totally necessary in order to achieve any sort of lasting success. Accept it gladly and then LEARN from it!

3. The last thing you MUST do is make the correction. Once you receive the correction, take action.  So often ego gets in the way and you reach a point where you keep trying the same thing again and again, then eventually just give up, saying “WELL THIS ISN’T WORKING!”

If you believe in the saying “practice makes perfect” you are hurting yourself. Practice and correction make perfect! Do you think all those athletes in the Olympics weren’t consistently refining their techniques, watching videos of themselves AND their competition to get better?

It is easy to be discouraged, but as long as you stay teachable and correct your errors and processes, your skills WILL improve. Leave your comments for me below and don’t forget to Like and Share the post!

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In great faith,

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