How many times have you heard someone echo the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”? When it comes to the “little things,” life is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle. You’ve got a big picture you’re trying to create and all the pieces spread out on the table in front of you. If you’re like most people, you find those valuable corner pieces first – those anchors for your life. Then, you look for the pieces with straight edges, so you can put together a framework for your “big picture” vision. Next, you start to sort out everything else – some folks do it by color, others by shape and yet others start working on a specific part. But, the idea is to put it all together to get your desired results. Now you’re clicking right along, the vision is coming together and then IT HAPPENS…you’re missing one of the straight edges or just ONE PIECE to finish a particular area you’ve been working on. Sure, it’s just one piece among hundreds or thousands – a proverbial mole hill, but all of a sudden it is THE MOST important thing in your life!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani examines how the “small stuff” can throw your entire day or life out of whack and how to take a new approach and knock those “mole hill” mountains down to size!

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