Good morning! As the new year approaches, you probably are thinking about your financial and income goals for 2015.

While you’re at it, take a minute to think about the role inflation might play in those goals. When I was growing up, a candy bar cost a quarter! Now that same candy bar costs well over a dollar. That is just one of the symptoms of inflation.

But the problem runs much deeper than rising prices. You see, our dollar used to be worth an actual dollar, with the gold to support it. Now that same dollar is only worth a few pennies. It’s basically Monopoly money!

This means two things for you!

  1. It is more important than ever to be financially independent.
  2. Making more money simply isn’t enough.

Because just making more money might not even be enough to combat rising prices. And it’s a problem that will only get worse.

Luckily, you have time to become financially stable. You have time to make investments, create savings and broaden your financial knowledge.

But you don’t have time to procrastinate! With every year that goes by, more inflation occurs and the more you’re investing or saving in Monopoly money.

I hope this helps you to think about some of your financial goals for this upcoming year. Maybe you didn’t really have any, but now you do! You don’t have to be a victim of the government, the economy or inflation. Remaining at their mercy is your choice. Let me know your plans in the comments and remember to Like and Share this message.

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In great faith,

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