I want to talk about your relationship with money! Whether you think it’s going well or you know it’s going horrible. Americans just can’t seem to figure out how to make it financially. Numbers show 98% will end up dead or dead-broke by the time they are 65… are you going to be a part of that statistic or the 2% who can retire in peace?

You see, I grew up on welfare and when I hit 17 and got pregnant, I started collecting welfare, as well. I just started following the same path as my parents without a second thought. It wasn’t until 19 that I met a few businessmen who took me under their wing and changed my entire mindset on money altogether.

And those men, along with the many seminar trainings I attended at the time, taught me how to make money. Making money was never my problem! But boy, I spent it all. After making my first million dollars, it disappeared as quickly as it came in!

It took 10 years to learn how to keep, and how to invest, it properly so it grew. I want you to think about your finances. Do you know how to make money, keep it and make it your slave? If you’re missing any part of that equation, your financial situation is likely in trouble!

Are you part of the 13-trillion-dollar credit card debt Americans hold? Debt is modern-day slavery, it isn’t how you are supposed to live and there is another way. Even if your parents lived that way, you don’t have to. You can learn how to create financial independence, no matter what the economy is telling you.

Don’t you want to cross over from that 98% statistic to the 2% who will succeed financially? According to numbers, 75% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck with little or no emergency funds in their bank accounts.

When you look at your finances, is that you? You and I both know this world takes crazy turns, ups and downs. If you do not have a little nest egg or a financial plan, any little upset in the economy, job market, your health or personal circumstances will cause your current living status to collapse like a house of cards!

Today you need to make a choice! Are you going to continue to be “money blind,” accepting your debt or paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle as “just a part of life.” Or you can choose to become part of the 2% who will increase their skill sets and succeed financially.

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