April 24, 2014

Are You Puttin’ On The Ritz For Your Clients?

The week is almost through! Before you finish up this week strong, I want to share a crazy story guaranteed to motivate you in your business. Imagine walking into a […]


The week is almost through! Before you finish up this week strong, I want to share a crazy story guaranteed to motivate you in your business.

Imagine walking into a WalMart or a McDonald’s and think about the type of service you receive. Even the greeters can hardly smile, right? The checkers ring you up without making eye contact. Employees on the floor don’t seem to know where anything is. It sucks, right?

Now think about going to a Mercedes dealership or walking into a nice hotel. Not that you should BUY anything, but I challenge you to try it out just once to notice the difference. On the Mercedes lot they give you glasses of champagne, specialized service, fresh fruit. Even if you aren’t wealthy, you are treated like a million bucks.

When I was in London a few weeks ago, I gave a specific assignment to the audience. One attendee, Brittany Barbour, visited the Ritz-Carlton just to see how amazing the service actually was.

Check out just a few of her experiences she shared with us:

  • “I walked in with a tattered bag and looking disheveled from walking around London. I was immediately asked if they could take my bag or coat. They were welcoming and all smiles.”
  • “High tea at the Ritz requires a reservation months in advance (they take them years in advance) and has a very strict dress code. But the staff still found a way for me to have tea by taking me into the bar area. Five staff members attended to me.”
  • “My voice was hoarse, and everywhere else I had been throughout the week people said “What?” and acted as though my soft voice was inconveniencing them. At the Ritz, the host noticed my voice and then from that point forward ALL of the staff leaned in close when addressing me so that I never had to attempt to raise my voice.”
  • “I went into the jewelry shop – again, no judgment – the lady took the time to help me do a custom design based on putting a few different things together on her computer and had me trying on several rings at a time. I had a £30,000 ring on!! DeBeers wouldn’t even take anything out of the case for me over £2000.”

Do you see the effect this difference made? When leaving, Brittany said she was motivated to make more money so she could afford to go back. They had no idea how much money she actually made, but they treated her like a million bucks… no matter what.

How could you use this in your business? Maybe you don’t sell “luxury” products, but you still have the ability to treat your clients like millionaires! (Click here to Tweet that quote to your friends!)

Let me tell you a secret: everyone wants to feel important and special. Give your clients “the Ritz treatment” and not only will you build a loyal client base, but I promise they will refer all their friends to your business.

When is a time you’ve been met with incredible service? Do you feel motivated to go back? Let me know by leaving your comments below and be sure to Like and Share today’s message while you are there. Join us for lunch today! We’ll be here at 12 pm ET/ 11 am CT for The Dani Johnson Show.


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