What are your financial goals? Do you wish you could pay off debt, wish you could afford that romantic getaway with your sweetie, travel more or help feed orphans? Maybe you just want to put money aside for your child’s education.

Talking about those things sounds nice, but you probably just said to yourself, “That’d be great, but I just can’t afford it.” Think about how often you say something would be nice or you’ve set it as a far-off goal but just haven’t made much progress toward it…all because “you can’t afford it.”

Life and death are in the power of the tongue! When you say you can’t afford something or treat a goal like it will never happen, you are speaking death into those goals. ran yearly statistics of spending in American households. The average American household spends $550 a month on food, $223 of that average are spent away from home. So that line item includes your coffee stops, your fast food and eating out. They also spend an average of $145 a month on clothing and $217 on entertainment monthly. That is almost $600 a month an average person spends on “extra” things.

While I’m a big supporter of having a fun budget, $600 a month is a lot of “fun!” That is just over $7K yearly you could be putting into those bigger goals that are “a great idea, but you just can’t afford.”

Even if you put aside a small portion of that monthly, you would have more than enough money to travel to Bora Bora with your spouse on that long-awaited, long-discussed vacation. You could be going to Bora Bora next year, one of the most gorgeous places on this planet. Celebrities vacation and get married there! And any average American can easily afford to go there, yearly, and pay in cash.

The thing is, and I know you know this is true, when you make something a priority you always seem to find the money! What is your current spending telling you your priorities are? A latte and a gas station hot dog?

The truth is, you can afford anything you truly want! But instead you have shelved the things that are really important to you, because you haven’t made them a priority in your spending.

Have you ever heard the term, “put your money where your mouth is”? In literal terms, this challenge means you need to prove what you’re saying with your actions, not just words. When you say you can’t afford it, your actions are not proving it. In fact, your spending is proving the exact opposite.

Start putting your money where you mouth is. Make your goals your priority! You need to set a number for your fun budget, an amount for your vacation fund and an amount for your debt/savings. Money has a way of getting sucked into coffee runs, candy bars or a “quick bite” if you don’t tell it specifically where to go.

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