Picture this…you’ve got a mortgage for your home, a monthly payment for your vehicle and maybe a student loan you pay on every month. Now, one day you get a call or letter from the bank saying it’s all been erased – that’s right, every last cent of your debt is GONE! All of a sudden you are overcome with a huge sense of release: no more crushing weight, no more financial stress, no more pressure. But, wait…there IS a catch. You have to do just one thing: forgive EVERY debt which is owed to you! This challenge comes from the Hebrew calendar, when every seven years is designated as Shmita – the year of “release” and taking a financial “sabbatical” and it begins THIS WEEK!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani shares a message from the Holy Spirit on the Jewish Seventh Year of Shmita and the power of taking an entire Sabbath year financially!

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