During the hot and lazy days of summer, it can be easy to let things slide and become a little less “focused” on our business, financial and personal goals. It’s almost like you use the season as an excuse to let your mind wander off track on its own little mental vacation!

Hey, I’ve been there and know first-hand how easy it can be to first let just one thing slide, “I’m on vacation!” and then before you know it, you don’t know how to get back on the path you set for yourself.

So, as September begins and you get ready for another Back-to-School and “Back-to-Business” season, let’s put any summer set-backs in your rearview mirror. As long as you keep your mind focused on where you want to go and refuse to let excuses put the brakes on your success, nothing can stop you!

Have you had a hangover? And I don’t mean just from drinking too much. I’m sure you’ve experienced that sick feeling after you eat too much, don’t sleep enough, or spend too much.

And they all have a similar effect on your life! You act a little sluggish, you’re less focused at work. It can give you a headache, body aches and it definitely wears on your patience.

It can also cause you to lose sight of your goals and we reach a point of complacency or procrastination. “Oh, I failed my diet today, I’ll start again tomorrow.”

Okay, so you let things slide this summer. BIG TIME, maybe. It may have set you further away from your goals, or maybe you just forgot about them for a bit. And you need to know that either way, it’s okay! You have made a lot of great progress so far this year and it isn’t over yet!

Don’t get stuck plunging down the excuse slide saying “Oh, it’s the summer” followed by “Oh, the holidays are coming up.” Next thing you know, the year is up and you’ve hardly made a dent in your New Year’s resolutions.

When you don’t finish goals or plans you’ve set out, it can drag you down. And it makes you hesitant to set goals or achieve higher things anymore. This is the place you want to avoid! Setbacks, mishaps and sharp left turns are all part of life, but they don’t mean you weren’t meant for success.

For many of you, you started to see great progress in certain areas of your life. You lost a few pounds or focused on paying off a big debt stressing you out.

Your action and determination worked! You have the proof right there. Don’t waste time beating yourself up about sliding back into your old ways. You have already proven you are capable of achieving and making progress toward your goals. All you need now is to get back on track and keep at it!

Some of you gear-up to head back to school or are preparing your kids to go back, which means changes in your household. Use this changing of the season as a time to change your mindset! Shake off the summertime excuses and get back to business.

Are you ready to get back to work? I am for you and for your success! Even if you let yourself get behind on your goals, it isn’t too late to finish this year strong. Equip yourself with the skills to dump that summer haze, get back on track and push toward your success.

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