As America struggled in the early 20th Century to nurture the idea of an emerging middle-class, President Herbert Hoover promised a new era of prosperity for those previously stuck in an endless cycle of generational poverty. Prior to this point in history, a true middle-class as we know it today existed as only a tiny sliver of the population, separating the impoverished immigrants and laborers from the vastly rich and powerful. However, over time more and more people began to see the “American Dream” as a real possibility with President Hoover describing it as “a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot!” Unfortunately, the pendulum seems to be swinging back in the other direction with an increasing percentage of Americans convinced that the American Dream of yesterday is no longer in their reach today…or tomorrow.

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani breathes new hope into the American Dream and lays out a plan for reclaiming YOUR dreams for the future!

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