April 1, 2014

Career Tips Any Fool Can Follow

April is here! Today might be notorious for jokes, pranks and good laughter but I want to get serious for just a minute. Are you unhappy with your current job? […]


April is here! Today might be notorious for jokes, pranks and good laughter but I want to get serious for just a minute.

Are you unhappy with your current job? Maybe you feel stuck with no hope of a promotion and no skill sets to find a better one. Apparently, 57% of people are unhappy with their jobs! CBS News reported the biggest cause of this statistic is people feeling underpaid and having no room for growth.

Unfortunately, if you are part of that 57% you are also likely in the group of people who wish they had a better job but are not actively pursuing one. Call it tough love… but be honest with yourself today – what are you currently doing to better your career? Or are you just talking about how you wish it were better, paid more or had fewer hours?

One excuse I hear quite often is that you aren’t qualified for a certain position. “Oh, I found a great job posting but I don’t think I’m qualified.” It’s because of this mindset I want to share a quick story with you.

When I was 19, I applied for a high-paying job as a custom decorator. There were 26 other applicants, dressed to the nines who had twice my work experience. I had no experience and was fully aware I was totally unqualified for the position.

I was the last interview of the day and when I sat down I told the manager, “I just want to be up-front with you. I have absolutely NO experience at all. But I promise you this: If you give me a chance, I will give it my best. If you are willing to teach me, I will work the hardest to be the best decorator you’ve ever had.”

And you know what? They HIRED and TRAINED me that same day. Why would they do that?

The truth is most employers are not looking for the perfect person who is the most qualified and has all the experience in the world. They want someone who is teachable and will work hard. They want someone who is going to fit into their working environment!

It drives me nuts hearing people say they can’t find a better job because they are unqualified or lack the education. Hello! That is an excuse! I was a drop-out, totally uneducated who showed up to an interview in a hot pink dress with a big plastic black belt. And not only was I hired, I was the number one decorator my very first month and broke store records every month after that. It worked for me at 19, it can work for you, too.

In this new quarter, stop being that person who’s all talk and no action! Stop talking about wanting that promotion, that new job or even a job at all. Be a person of action. Start increasing your skill sets, actually getting your resume out there or meeting with your manager on how to improve the company (and your career). If you remain teachable, hungry and aren’t pretending to be someone you aren’t, recruiters WILL notice you.

Look, unemployment is a huge issue in our world today. Which makes it even more depressing to know that more than half of you who are lucky enough to have a job are still totally unhappy! It doesn’t have to be like that.

Tell me about what you’d like to improve on in this new season. Are you going to stop being the fool, full of excuses and complaints? Leave me your comments below and don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message.

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