Please take a moment to think about your “typical” day. What is your routine? What do you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner? How is your home or office set up? What is your favorite thing to wear? And now, what happens when things don’t fall perfectly into place for you? Your toast isn’t the exact golden color you like, your favorite suit is still at the dry cleaners, somebody put something in the wrong place and then either your family or coworkers failed to follow your instructions on a particular task. How do you react? C’mon… how hard IS it… why can’t things just be the way you think they should be?

Now, imagine what a “bad” day Jesus had on His last day earth! While our lives too often are “all about me” – think about what Jesus endured for us.  He put EVERYTHING on the line, suffered humiliation, physical pain and public degradation, all for a higher purpose – our salvation. Could you imagine what higher calling you could fulfill if you put the “me” aside in your life?

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani examines the power of humbling yourself before God and the greater gain to be found in our lives!

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