June 3, 2014

Dial Down The Drama In Your Life

How do you react in times of crisis or when you hear something you don’t like? I’ve noticed most people today tend to go into full-on panic mode even when, […]


How do you react in times of crisis or when you hear something you don’t like? I’ve noticed most people today tend to go into full-on panic mode even when, in truth, the situation is maybe a 2 on a 1-10 scale. Have you ever had a “10” reaction for a “2” problem?

Man, I used to do that all the time! In fact, anytime a problem came up, I let loose with total “Drama Queen.” I didn’t even realize how much I was hurting my business until one of the successful millionaires I worked with told me “You know what your problem is, Dani? You totally overreact to everything. You have to act instead of reacting.”

And that wasn’t even the first time I had heard it. Yet, I still didn’t SEE it. I didn’t think I was overreacting. When I look back now, I do see it. The world was falling apart any time something bad happened. I freaked out about absolutely everything, whether it was about my kids, marriage, money, business or politics. I would get nothing done because I was so full of anxiety.

I want you to think about some overreactors you know. People who just completely freak out. It’s really easy to find them, especially on social media. It really blows my mind how often people totally overreact to what other people post on Facebook and Twitter. Those people expose who they really are, their immaturity and weakness, for all the world to see. And they’re actually making themselves look pretty stupid.

Instead of judging them, ask yourself if make yourself look stupid like that sometimes. Think about when you get hurt by someone. What is your reaction in comparison to the offense? You could be like I was – a total overreactor – and not even realize it.

The problem is, overreacting keeps you stuck and is unproductive. It won’t better your relationships, your sales, or your career. In fact, it hurts them! Instead of overreacting, clear your mind and just act.

Half the time you get caught up in the rush of panic even though you have no control over the circumstances. Instead of focusing on the problem, you need to focus on what you can control… your actions.

You’ll never be able to have full control over others or their words. And you can’t even have full control over your own business – stuff happens, situations change. But the one thing you DO have 100% control over, is your own reactions. If others are overreacting, use that as a lesson for yourself! Because when you can ditch the drama, you will see huge improvements in your career, business and personal life.

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