C’mon, you’ve seen those “movie moms”… either a portrait of perfection with a successful career, immaculate home, exciting marriage, dynamic social life, not a hair out of place with a designer wardrobe, and perfect, over-achieving children! OR, the dinner splattered on the wall, sweat-pant-wearing, always-in-trouble children, workaholic husband, can’t voice an intelligent opinion, stay-at-home moms. And while these may be stereotypes, they reflect some REAL attitudes still present today. 

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani interviews filmmakers Jon and Andy Erwin, directors of the movie “Moms’ Night Out” about their upbringing by a stay-at-home mom and discuss the double-standard moms still face!

Dani revists this important message from June 17, 2014…take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy this show again.

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