Honestly, haven’t you ever wanted to see what happens in a Disney movie or modern romantic comedy AFTER the “happily ever after” part? Do Cinderella and Prince Charming stop communicating? Do those beautiful “meet cute” couples, who overcame some third-act movie plot to finally make it to the altar, fall “out of love” after they’ve got kids and a mortgage? Does Snow White eventually have a fight with her Prince and pack her bags, running home to the dwarfs? Or, have we been sold a bill of goods by Hollywood?

If you’re looking for that silver screen version of marriage, hoping to find your one and only true “Mr. or Ms. Right” and assume it will all just lead to a “happily ever after”… think again!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani explodes the myth of “happily ever after” in marriage, revealing what it REALLY takes to have a successful marriage in the real world!

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