January 2, 2014

Finding Your Faith In The Face Of "Logic"

Well, 2014 lies before us like a blank page just waiting for a new chapter in your story to be written. Regardless of whether you’ve written out resolutions for the […]


Well, 2014 lies before us like a blank page just waiting for a new chapter in your story to be written. Regardless of whether you’ve written out resolutions for the New Year, said your fresh affirmations or are just going to “wing it” and see what 2014 brings, without one critical ingredient, you’ve got a recipe for just another year of the “same old, same old.”

What’s that one thing you’ll need to turn your hopes into reality? Faith! Without a genuine belief in yourself, faith in the possibility of making all your dreams come true, a positive attitude, then it’s all just “wishful thinking.”

Sure, logic and a lifetime of reality may be whispering doubts into your ear. But, I’m here as living proof that faith in both yourself and God CAN fly in the face of everything you may think you “know.” Let’s look at the facts of my life…

I grew up in a violently abusive home, with addicted parents who lived their lives entirely dependent upon the welfare system. I know, others have overcome equally-depressing childhoods. But, then add in a difficult teenage pregnancy, barely finishing high school and an impulsive marriage – yep, I married a guy I had only known for a week – and the odds for success as an adult drop to an almost sub-zero level!

And, we haven’t even reached the depths to which I had sunk. I followed this guy to Hawaii and after he eventually left me with only $2.03 to my name and $35,000 of debt, I found myself homeless – living on the beach, showering in public stalls and making some REALLY bad choices in the people I was hanging out with and their lifestyle. It took the night I literally hit rock bottom, even trying drugs after all I had seen in my house growing up, and arriving at the point where I just wanted to end it all.

But, when I walked into that ocean something happened to me that can ONLY be explained as divine intervention. I was touched by God to take the gifts I had been given and use them to turn my life around. And, I did!

Let’s face it, if anybody were asked to bet on the odds of someone with this life story becoming a millionaire, television and radio talk show host with millions in her audience and someone committed to supporting widows, orphans and those enslaved by the sex trade… well, “logic” says this would be a very poor wager!

And, under normal circumstances they would be right. Without faith that God was taking care of me, without faith in the knowledge I had and my ability to learn, without faith in my ability to rise above where I came from, I probably would never have ended up a successful consultant and trainer, mother of five amazing children, married to the love of my life, and surrounded by the most phenomenal community!

Making resolutions, speaking positive affirmations and seeking knowledge and information are all good things. But without an honest belief these hopes and dreams can jump off the page and become your real life, you lack that key ingredient to success!

Come on, let’s be honest! If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else? If you lack faith in your God to protect you, guide you to success and send you the opportunity to prosper, then in reality you’ve already accepted your lot in life. If you fail to speak positively about yourself, you’re not creating a pattern for success in your brain. What goes in, comes out! Excuses, rationalizations, negative statements plant seeds which can only yield negative results.

After all, you reap what you sow. Regardless of your circumstances, regardless of where you’ve been or even are right now, regardless of any past failures in business, investments or relationships… you are NOT doomed to whatever your conditions may be right now. As you face this brand new year, with all your hopes and dreams, remember to add a healthy dose of faith to whatever resolutions and goals you have set forth for yourself in 2014.

I believe in you. I have faith you can see all your dreams become reality. And, if I have faith in you then there’s nothing to stop you from believing in yourself. So get 2014 off to a positive start and set your mind – and beliefs – on the road to success! Let your friends and family know you have faith in them by sharing this message… and while you’re at it, plant seeds of faith globally by posting this on your social networks. Please don’t forget to share your New Year’s Resolutions with me below and inspire me as well as the entire DaniJohnson.com community!

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In great faith,


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