I want to paint a picture for you today. Imagine a farm. Imagine you have put in hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to plant your crops. You bought the land, prepared the fields, sowed the seeds, and worked day and night to protect and nurture your plants.

But then one day, you decide your crops weren’t growing fast enough, so you uproot all of the plants and move them to a new farm. What would happen to your crops then? They would die, wouldn’t they? You would not reap a harvest. All of the time and effort you put into your farm would be wasted.

In all of my years of studying people, I have seen them do this constantly. Could any of this sound like you? You start something again and again and again. But you never stick to it long enough to actually achieve anything or see any results. Instead, you assume it just isn’t working for you and abandon it.

I know you’re thinking, “I would never do that! I would never rip up my roots and try to plant them somewhere else just because the plants weren’t growing fast enough or not producing enough fruit!” The reality is, you just might be doing this.

Think about a time you have walked away from what you’ve have already built because you were distracted by shiny objects, seduced by better opportunities, or offered a “better job.” Lots of people will give something a try, but very few will actually devote themselves to it. They will stand at the edge and stick their toes in, but they never go “all in.”

When you look at your life today, your career, your relationships or your business. Are you “all in”? What I want you to realize, a tree cannot grow tall with out deep roots. Likewise, it is impossible for you to gain any real success unless you are fully invested and growing roots in your life.

Have you ever noticed in today’s society, people sit and complain about a so-called dead-end job? They’re just looking for a new place to plant their crops without even focusing on the opportunities and the soil that surrounds them!

If you uproot yourself and move around, always looking for greener grass and better soil, you will never get rooted anywhere. This goes for a job, business, marriage, parenting… everything.

I want you to realize there are opportunities all around you! You can’t use your dead-end job, your spouse’s personality or anything else as an excuse. Conditions don’t have to be perfect for a plant to yield fruit, just as you do not have to be surrounded by the perfect circumstances to yield success! However, you do have to have roots to bear anything at all!

What would happen if, instead of jumping around and continuously going after the next shiny object, you decided to stay committed to what you are currently doing for the next 5 years? What if you said “No” to any other job offer or business opportunity. What if you didn’t even entertain the thought? What would happen if you went “all in” for 5 solid years?

Stop looking for the next opportunity and let your roots grow deep and strong! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and remember to Like and Share today’s post and share this message.

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In great faith,

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