No matter how “pulled together” you may be, at some point in your life you’ve experienced that nagging knot in the pit of your stomach! It could have been over an upcoming presentation or a test in school or your relationship… or even just what you’ve absolutely, positively GOT to get done tomorrow.

It gnaws away at you, robs you of your sleep, kills your appetite (or throws it into overdrive!), affects your attitude toward everything else, and basically just leaves you barely able to function. Now, imagine living with that type of anxiety EVERY single day! Sadly, 40 million American adults struggle with chronic anxiety daily and many simply want to escape this crippling sense of being overwhelmed by life.

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani strips the mask off the anxiety and worry crushing so many people and shows sufferers how to restore the joy and functionality to their lives!

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