CBS News reports 57% of Americans are unhappy with their job. If you are unemployed, unhappy with your current job or a stay-at-home parent, this message is for you. Even as a stay-at-home mother there were times I was unhappy with that job! So don’t write off today’s message as not applying to you!

Maybe you’re a chronic job or boss hater. Or maybe there is just one specific thing in your current position that just irks you. Look in the mirror honestly and ask if it’s really the job or is it you? Is there something you could do to improve your current workplace ethic or satisfaction?

It’s time to take action instead of just wishing you had a better job, made more money or had a job! You can complain all day if you want, but if you are not actively doing something to change your current position, that is your fault!

One of the biggest disconnects I see in the marketplace is people setting boundaries for themselves. They use the current job market, their lack of education, qualifications or XYZ excuse to keep them in their rut.

Let me share a quick story. I want you to imagine a 19-year-old girl, sporting a perm, wearing a hot pink fluffy dress with a black plastic belt showing up to a job interview. This girl had zero job experience and in fact was a high school dropout! That was me when I applied to be an custom decorator at JCPenney!

My boyfriend at the time asked me why I was even trying to apply to a high-paying job. As I was flipping through the Help Wanted ads he said to me, “People don’t expect 19-year-olds to have good jobs, just be a bank teller or something.” I grew up with a stepfather who would tell me every day that I was never going to amount to anything. So this comment sparked something in me!

You know what? I got the job. And beat out 26 other girls who were qualified, to boot! So what did I bring in to that interview that those other girls did not? It wasn’t knowledge, class or the perfect interview outfit.

But it was something that is important for you to know! If you want a promotion or a better job it is not about telling everyone how great you are. It is about doing two very specific things.

  1. Find a need and fill it. If there is a need in your current company or you’re applying for a specific job, you have to position yourself on how you fill that need. Don’t put the focus of an interview or cover letter on how perfect you are. Make their need the focus.
  2. Be teachable. An employer can do so much more with an unqualified individual that is willing to learn than a talented prospect who thinks they already know everything. If you are up-front about being willing to learn, improve skills and better their company… that increases your value exponentially!

Today, let’s get off that “complaining” treadmill. You don’t have to settle for a dead-end job, a rut or an unhappy workplace. All you have to do, is actually do something to better your current position, instead of talk, talk, talk! That isn’t getting you anywhere!

Are you a talker or a do-er? Let me know what you are doing to improve your career, starting now! Leave me your comments and don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message with your friends and family. That 57% is a lot of people! And you probably know a lot who are in that percentage.

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