What do you think of when I say, “money”? Do you imagine all the things you could buy, places you could visit or maybe you think about swimming in a pool of cash. You probably don’t think right away about paying off your debt, putting away some savings or investing that money, right? Because our media has sold us that money is intended to be spent!

If, one day, you could no longer work, what would happen to your income? Would you be in big trouble?

Not too long ago, that was me. After making tons of money during my first decade in business, I was suddenly diagnosed with a heart condition and told I could no longer work. There was nothing in our savings, we had $100K in credit card and car debt and a $700K home we owed money on.

After all that work, and making all that money, our entire financial situation changed over night. Why? because we were idiots! OOPS!

Listen, the difference between people who have debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck and those who are debt-free or bank money into their savings monthly is not based on how much money they make. It has everything to do with their money mindset!

People who are debt-free have several things in common and I want to share these important mindset distinctions with you.

  • Debt-free people spend a lot less! That’s right, it isn’t about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep!
  • Debt-free people have financial goals. If you don’t have a goal or vision for your money, you will see it get sucked into other things and disappear.
  • Debt-free people believe in personal responsibility! Do you blame other people for your debt or financial status?
  • Debt-free people view debt as bondage. Which it is. Make no mistake, debt is modern-day slavery. It is a mortgage on your future!

You are the owner of your own finances, your own spending and your own choices! Even if you are married, you got yourself into your current financial situation. And it’s time to get yourself out. Don’t wait until you lose your job or circumstances change to make you desperate enough to change your mindset on money. Stop thinking of it as clothes, cars and whatever else the media sold you. That isn’t wealth! It’s a recipe for bondage, debt, stress and financial ruin. What is your new vision for money? Tell me about it in your comments and remember to Like and Share today’s message. There are a lot of people in our nation who are in debt and could use a new mindset for their money.

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