Right now is the season of the harvest. It is fall, the crops are ready and it is a season of abundance. Do you know what comes after the harvest? Winter!

Everyone is on a different journey in their life. You might be in a season of plenty, harvesting great relationships and great profits. You might be in the dead of winter, struggling to make ends meet.

But the key for a farmer is, you have to plan for winter to get through it. You always prepare for that season of no-growth, for the drought or whatever is coming next.

But that isn’t usually how things go, right? What usually happens is when you’re in a season, you think you will always be in that season. If it’s harvest season for you, you think things will always be that great. You think you can always make it work.

On the other side, if you are in the dead of winter, it is hard to believe you’ll even make it through. You think you will always be poor, see no growth, no profits.

And both of these lead you to failure. I remember at one point in my life, I actually gave up on my dreams. And it was because of one person. ONE single person spoke death into my dreams and I allowed those words to sit with me.

It dismantled my dreams in the blink of an eye. When I retired I entered a time in my life, for four years, where I was miserable and horribly depressed. Because my destiny was calling to me! But I believed that one person who said I couldn’t succeed.

Once I started to dream again, something within me awoke. And from that, was born! If you are in a season in your life where you can’t even see your dreams anymore, start listening to that voice of destiny speaking inside of you.

I know you feel something in your heart that you were meant to do. And maybe you ignore it because it doesn’t fit “The American Dream,” it doesn’t fit another person’s idea of success or it just doesn’t fit into your current lifestyle. SO WHAT?

Your destiny is YOUR destiny. Right now 98% of people are trying to live out someone else’s destiny, because they were sold the idea that everyone should want those things. And not only will that make you miserable, but it is not a fulfilling life. It will leave you questioning, “Is this all there is to life? Is this what life is?”

And this is just the beginning! My message today is a two-fold.

Winter – If you are in a season in your life where your dreams are dead, your crops are not producing – that season will end. Prepare for the next season, spring, and start preparing for planting new seeds!

Fall – And if you are in a season of plenty, the harvest, look around. Have you been following someone elses’ destiny? Are you prepared to withstand a season of winter?

Let me know how you are planning to prepare for the next season in your life. Because you will never stay in one season forever.

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In great faith,

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