Have you ever been in some sort of dysfunctional relationship? It doesn’t have to be one of those horrible, abusive relationships… even one where you had communication problems or conflicting “big picture” goals qualifies as a form of dysfunction. It seems that you just can’t get on the same page and everything feels like an uphill battle. Guess what, your relationship with money could be suffering from this same type of dysfunction! Just like in any other relationship, your attitudes, your habits and your vision for your money were probably formed early in life – and color your entire approach to how you deal with it. And if these perspectives are somehow “off,” it might be time to take a new look at why your relationship with money is in need of some serious counseling to cure that dysfunction!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani shows how to open up the lines of communication with your money and help you overcome that dysfunctional relationship!

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