The hot-button issue all over the news and social media right now surrounds the domestic violence case of NFL running back, Ray Rice. And while this may be the “cause of the day” due to the celebrity nature of this particular case, unfortunately, this “invisible” problem is as old as time! And it continues to happen on an average of every 18 SECONDS EVERY DAY because of the shame the victims feel, because of the increasing isolation is causes and because the abused believe they have nowhere to turn or no other options. It could be happening to someone who sits next to you at work, it could be happening to a close friend, it could be happening to a child in your neighborhood, and unless you specifically know what to look for it’s invisible to most people. It’s time to stop thinking that a simple media-awareness “Band-Aid” will fix this problem, when the causes and effects are this complicated.

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani tackles the tough topic of domestic violence and abuse, and opening a discussion on finding real solutions to this problem that destroys families and lives!

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