Imagine you’re in your car, truck or whatever means of transportation you regularly use. You’re driving along on your way to run errands, go to work, pick up your child, visit a friend or even take a vacation. Everything seems to be going along smoothly… all in all, everything is good. THEN you hit a construction detour or a mega-pothole or a major traffic jam or even a road that’s either unfinished or no longer a through route! What do you do now? You can just sit there, fuming, cursing and focusing on the obstacles OR you can find an alternate route to your desired destination.

Unfortunately, 98% of the population will throw up their hands and just assume they’re not going to get where they want to be in their careers…while 2% will focus on finding a way!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses the fact that EVERYBODY hits barriers on their journey to career success and how to move past (or around) them to focus on where you want to be!

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