There is a commercial on TV that talks about “nose blindness” which is basically what happens when you live with a smell so long, you are no longer aware of it. Whether it’s the smell of pets, your car interior or whatever other odor may be a part of your lifestyle, it still reeks to those who enter your home, your car or your life. But, did you know OTHER things can also smell up your life? The stench of past resentments, the garbage you’re carrying around from hurtful relationships, the bitterness stinking up your future, all have the power to foul up your success! Maybe it’s about time to kick that garbage to the curb and start afresh.

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani opens eyes…and noses…to the lingering smells of that trash from your past and how to finally deodorize your life with forgiveness for a breath of fresh air!

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