Whether you realize it or not, the individuals in our schools, churches, homes and communities are our future. Our leaders, inventors, presidents, celebrities and so much more! You could have a world-renowned author in your household who will help shape society. They might seem like a real brat right now, but at the very least they will be future parents, pastors, working citizens.

Right now, children are groomed to think about what job they want or in plain-speak, who they want to work for. Wouldn’t it be nicer to gear their brains toward thinking about working for themselves?

When beginning my path to becoming an entrepreneur, I certainly didn’t have any skills. And I certainly wasn’t groomed to be one by my abusive, drug-addicted parents, who never worked a day. But when I hit 18, I wanted freedom and control of my life and being an entrepreneur granted me just that!

Of course, during my first 6 months I failed miserably. After that, I heard about a business seminar and started attending regularly. With that knowledge alone, I generated $50,000 in 6 months. And that was decades ago! By today’s standards that would be a 6-figure income.

Most people don’t realize the simplicity behind entrepreneurship. At the very core, it is just marketing something to someone. You find a product, service or idea, and you market it to people who need it. That’s it!

There is a lot to learn along the way to better those skill sets, but it’s actually a basic profession. We know this young man who is 9 years old and has been attending First Steps To Success and there was a trip he wanted to go on. His mom told him he would have to pay for it himself.

So he sat down and thought, “Nobody likes picking up dog poop…” (and nobody does!) and he wrote a little script and started a business picking up crap that has generated hundreds of dollars.

A 9-year-old can do it! It is so simple to wrap your mind around being functional in the marketplace. There is obviously a lot more to a business, but changing that mindset from who will I work for, to how many stores do I want to own, is a major dynamic shift!

How do you set goals with your kids? What kind of vision are you putting into this next generation? Our economy, our future world needs more entrepreneurs! Are you helping now to create that legacy for tomorrow? Leave me your comments and be sure to Like and Share today’s message.

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