Whether you are a church-goer or not, a “believer” or not, a Christian, atheist, agnostic or Jew, your familiarity with the rise of “The Church” goes far beyond any religious upbringing or affiliation…it is woven throughout the cloth of world history. But is the “common knowledge” we all “know” actually the truth or an elaborate deception of the Jewish origins of Christianity? In a visually-stunning journey spanning 2000 years, the movie “Let The Lion Roar” finally exposes the cover-ups and opens a new dimension to understanding God’s true path for believers and His divine destiny for them. Featuring an all-star cast (and our own Dani Johnson in a supporting role), this powerful film takes viewers through possibly the most well-hidden conspiracy of all time!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani interviews the director, producer and actors behind this groundbreaking docu-drama, “Let The Lion Roar!” and charts the journey – and revelations – they all experienced!

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