January 27, 2014

Open Your Eyes To Your Professional Possibilities

Have you ever walked down the same hallway all the time until one day you stop and think, “Has there always been a clock on this wall?” And indeed, there […]


Have you ever walked down the same hallway all the time until one day you stop and think, “Has there always been a clock on this wall?” And indeed, there was always a clock there that you just never saw before! The scary part, is you might have that same perspective at your current job!

People often blame their current circumstances for the state of their happiness. And when they change those circumstances they can’t figure out why they still aren’t happy. Lucky for you, that means you can start increasing your happiness at work… immediately. No quitting required. Sometimes you just have to alter your point of view to get a better picture of what is going on.

When you hate your job you avoid your boss or manager, you might have a bad attitude and little things can easily ruin your entire day. If you want to change that type of work environment, you have to change your perspective. Because it might be that you went into the job with the wrong mindset!

Growing up you probably never heard a lot of positive comments about going to work. If you hate your job, it’s likely your parents hated their jobs, too. Or maybe it’s just all your friends hate their jobs.

Have you noticed it’s socially acceptable in our world to hate your job?! Most people sit around with their friends at Happy Hour, specifically to let off steam and complain about their boss.

So before you even got the current job you are in, you probably had this mindset that Mondays are terrible, your coworkers are out to get you and your boss is a jerk. When you go in with that expectation you will see those labels and negativity everywhere.

Next time you enter the office or talk with a coworker, try looking for another label to assign that person. One that is in positive light. Instead of your boss being a “jerk” think of him as a “mentor” or even just “a way to get a raise.”

Because if you hate your job, your boss probably knows it. He or she likely has already gauged your attitude. Your job is what allows you to make money, get out of debt and pursue other goals. But you can choose not to hate it! Make your environment at work better by shifting that negative perspective and how you view the people, the opportunities and even each task you do at work.

Job satisfaction starts with you! Are you going to stay on the society bandwagon that just assumes all jobs suck? Or are you going to hop off and seek happiness? Tell me your answer and don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message with your friends or maybe coworkers.

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