It’s just one short work week away from the Labor Day weekend. For most people, this holiday marks the end of summer vacation. What great things did you accomplish these past 3 months? Family vacations, exciting travel, relaxation?

Maybe you weren’t able to afford to go anywhere. That’s okay, too! Because today I’m going to talk about saving up for your dream vacation beginning right now. It all starts with taking a good long look at what is inside your grocery cart.

Have you ever considered what you put into your shopping cart could lead you to financial independence? What if you had the freedom to travel, a worry-free retirement, a debt-free education for yourself or your children, and more time to spend with the people you love doing the things you love?

How you approach your grocery shopping and cooking habits can lead to not only a longer life, but a wealthier life that helps you fulfill all your dreams!

You might have heard me say before that my family lives off $100 a week. To this day, I still receive so much resistance, excuses and friction when I say that! Maybe you already wrote me off today. “No way Dani!” or “Yeah, but I have growing boys in my house.”

Instead of coming up with an automatic excuse, I want to issue you the ultimate challenge. Don’t go shopping until your ‘fridge and cupboard are totally empty!

Take out a calendar and meal plan already! Plan out the entire week, accounting for leftovers. And be realistic about portions. For example, most Americans eat double their suggested meat serving.

While you’re meal planning, think of what is already in your ‘fridge or pantry. The more creative you can be with the items you have, the more money you will save. I remember one evening I had nothing left in my fridge but some green peppers, garlic and sausage. I decided to make some pasta and grilled up the other ingredients to mix it all in.

To this day that meal is still one of our favorites in the household. Just from some leftover vegetables sitting in the drawer!

Take all that money you save and put it aside into a vacation fund. That is money you would’ve spent otherwise, so don’t let it go to waste in other areas! Hide it in a jar, make a specific vacation account or whatever you need to do to separate that money.

This is one easy way to start saving money and fund your goals for travel and vacations. Let’s not have this discussion a year from now. A year from now, let’s talk about all the great places you traveled and how much debt you paid off. Deal?

If you are still struggling about where to save money, cut corners or just don’t think it’s possible to budget with your current income, you are so wrong. The only thing you are missing is the skill set to work with what you are making.

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In great faith,

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