Have you noticed how the cultural vocabulary has changed over the last few decades? Words like “impact” and “text” and “interface” used to be simple nouns and have now shifted into overdrive verbs. It seems like the more modern-day conveniences and technology are added to our daily lives, the LESS “time off” we actually have! This subtle change in the language of our society, carries with it an increased pressure to “go…do…keep up” and almost devalues the importance of relaxation. However, the impact of this mindset can “impact” every single aspect of life: physical well-being, mental function, emotional stability, financial security, career productivity and healthy personal relationships! Honestly, have you placed such a steep premium on high functionality in your life that you’ve left no room for fun?

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses her simple recipe for battling the “hurry up” mentality of today and the single element she uses (and you can, too) that combats it all!

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