Everyone has fantasies…don’t deny it. Haven’t you imagined being a famous rock star or lighting up the silver screen for millions to see or maybe being a world-renowned chef? Your fantasies and imagination push you to pursue your dreams, put actions behind your passions and take big risks for big rewards! However, regardless of these wishful dreams, most people wouldn’t just up and quit their job, pack up the car and move to Hollywood to become a star without any sort of training or plan. Or sell their home, cash in their 401K and empty their kids’ college fund for some half-baked pipe dream, either. Any sane person would look at someone who did something like that as if they were some kind of nut who had lost their mind. And yet, millions do something equally irresponsible every day…all in the hopes of “hitting it big!”

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani uncovers the sneaky culprit playing on fantasies that robs so many of their chance to achieve real success!

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