What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done? You could have moved away from everything familiar for a job opportunity or made the decision to start a family or braved ridicule to go against popular opinion. For some careers, courage is built right into their job description: firefighters rush into dangerous situations to save lives, police officers risk bodily harm daily to protect us. However, another career choice also requires a bold bravery that only those who have walked a mile in their shoes can imagine: Entrepreneur! Jumping off that ledge of security can be scary… and exhilarating. And while you may not be risking life and limb for your business start-up venture, the risks (and rewards) are real! Too often, those considering the move to entrepreneurship let their fear of the unknown prevent them from taking the leap. Are you one of those “wanna-be” entrepreneurs?

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani helps you pack a parachute for taking that entrepreneurial “big leap” by helping you avoid the pitfalls that could prevent you from soaring!

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