February 11, 2014

The Fast-Track To Relationship Disaster

Today, I want to share one thing that could be massively messing up your relationships. But first I want to make sure you understand one big thing. You see, humans […]


Today, I want to share one thing that could be massively messing up your relationships. But first I want to make sure you understand one big thing.

You see, humans aren’t meant to live alone. You might think you’re doomed to fly solo forever, but that is not your destiny. In order to obtain any success in life you have to interact with others!

Improving those relationships takes stress off you and opens up so many wild opportunities. So then, what are you doing to mess it all up? Seriously, you could be making this mistake without even realizing it!

In a word… it’s called entitlement. Entitlement tells you that you deserve to be treated a certain way. That entitled attitude says, “Someone owes me something” and then when you receive what you think is owed to you, you’re not grateful for it and you don’t perceive it as a blessing. It’s expected, and therefore you receive it with no appreciation, thanks-giving or gratitude.

It’s like receiving payment for services rendered. There are so many people out there who show absolutely no gratitude when a service is rendered. There’s no “Thank you!” There’s no heartfelt “Wow, you did a really good job!” There’s no appreciation. And when we do not have appreciation coming out of our hearts and minds, it has a negative effect on us. It impacts our confidence and the way we see life.

Let me give you a few examples.

1. There’s one area where I’ve really noticed entitlement, and it’s in the relationship between the man and the woman – especially when she is a stay-at-home mom and the man is working full-time, conquering the world and bringing in a paycheck.

You really have to ask yourself, if you are a wife and your husband is providing for the family and you are home, how often do you thank him from the depth of your heart and show that gratitude and deep appreciation for all he’s doing for his family every single day? In the 4 years I was retired, I judged Hans non-stop and was never thankful or appreciative.

In the same way, when was the last time, if you’re a husband, that you thanked your wife for making dinner or taking care of the kids? She doesn’t owe you that!

2. I’ve also noticed a major sense of entitlement in the workplace. Every day at your office people are finishing little tasks, signing your check or just refilling the water cooler. What we give back is usually a sour attitude while we gossip about the boss when they look away.

The only 3 things that beat entitlement are appreciation, gratitude and giving thanks. When someone does something for you, thank them! Nobody owes you anything. When you do something for somebody else, do it out of thanksgiving. Don’t hold bitterness against people.

When you adopt this new mindset you will start to see how it inspires the best in everyone. This will change your marriage, your circle of friends and your community! Leave me your comments and tell me how this message has impacted you. Don’t forget to Like and Share while you’re at it!

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