May 1, 2014

The Power To Explode Your Opportunities Is At Your Fingertips

After everything you and I talked about this week you’ve probably realized you have a lot of resources around you that you SHOULD be using! So today I’m going to […]


After everything you and I talked about this week you’ve probably realized you have a lot of resources around you that you SHOULD be using! So today I’m going to show you a few simple, but major, ways to grow that influence.

One big mistake I see is when you have a decent job or make good money, you stop trying to grow your influence. When things are going okay – or even great, it’s easy to start totally ignoring your network and a lot of other things!

Look, you and I both know there are seasons of plenty and seasons of famine. Someday you might not have that great job or stable income. Life happens! You can choose to blissfully ignore the fact a day might come when you no longer have those nice things. Or you can choose to prepare to see yourself through that season of famine with ease.

If you lost your job tomorrow, do you know anyone else who is hiring? Have you been creating new contacts and building your network? If not, you are beginning your unemployment from square one.

In my life, I’ve had prosperous times and some really horrible times. And I know bad times are going to come around again eventually! It took me 10 years to learn the lesson and figure out I should prepare for the worst, not squander everything during the best of times.

Think of a time where you’ve heard something over and over again but you still haven’t learned the lesson. It’s okay! Don’t get discouraged thinking “Man, I should have started this a year ago… or 5 years ago!” That’s not important. It is important for you to actually start applying the lesson. Start that preparation now!

Here are two really simple ways to keep expanding your circle of influence, whether you are in times of plenty or not.

  1. Pass out business cards everywhere you go. If you’re at a party, be sure to exchange numbers with people. A lot of business cards have blank spaces to jot down notes about who you meet. That way you remind yourself of exactly who they are and what is important to them. It makes it more personal when you contact them or send a thank you note, “Hey ____, was great meeting you the other night. How was ____’s soccer game?”
  2. Take care of your virtual imprint. One easy way to grow your network and expand your circle of influence is through social media. It is one of the easiest ways to stay in contact with people and connect with them on a semi-regular basis. Just be careful what reputation you are putting forth – does your digital footprint motivate people to want to work with you or purchase a service or product from you? A lot of possible employers use social media now to see if you’re the type of person they want in their company!

This doesn’t just influence people looking for a job. It can also have an influence on people who start their own business. Maybe your sales are okay right now, but who knows when the economy might change or what could happen within your company.

Take this chance to learn the lesson and actually start applying these skill sets to your everyday life. Not only will it open more doors for you now, but it will help pull you through the hard times.

What are you doing today to grow your influence – for now and the future? Let me know in your comments below and don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message. Join us for lunch today on The Dani Johnson Show at 12 pm ET/11 am ET.


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