Picture it, the most crushing defeat you’ve ever endured. It may have been a business failure, devastating humiliation in front of your peers, a heartbreaking divorce or even a sports or academic defeat. Regardless, it can be hard to “bounce back” from such an experience. And no matter how many times you hear, “you just need to get back up on the horse,” you’re plagued by the fear it may happen again or worse, somehow you’re simply destined for a life of failures. Think again! Some of the greatest inventors, business tycoons, creative geniuses and hall of fame athletes faced REPEATED failures and defeats. The only difference between them and you? They continued to try!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani shares her story of personal and business failures and the mindset that allowed her, and countless others, to eventually find the success they –  and YOU –  deserve!


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