I want to share a story with you today. When I was 19, I gave my first business presentation. And it went horribly! The presentation was supposed to be 10 minutes and I think I fumbled through about 5 minutes and awkwardly ended it there. I walked off the stage drenched with sweat, covered in purple boil-looking hives and a thought in the back of my head that said, “NEVER AGAIN!”

Seriously, I thought I was never going to speak in front of people ever again! And then, out of the blue a man approached me and started talking to me. He asked, “What is your goal?”

I had never really thought about it before. I mean, here I was failing and making a fool out of myself, making no money and a total stranger wants to know my big plan in life! I took a moment and then answered him, “Uhh, I’d like to spend $4,000 at Nordstrom’s?” In my head, that goal seemed pretty far-out because I was making zero dollars. The guy said, “No, bigger than that.” So I thought again and said, “Uh, I’d like to drive a Mercedes?” He said, “Bigger than that.” I thought a little more, “Make $10K in one month.” He said, “Bigger than that!”

At this point I ran out of goals. There was nothing bigger than that in my head. That day a total stranger planted a huge, mind-blowing, seed in my brain of what vision really is. Because whatever you think your vision is, it really IS bigger than that!

Dreams and goals are supposed to be impossible. If you could accomplish them that easily with your own strength and with the level of skills it would require to make it happen, everyone would be successful… right? A dream should be something you totally lack the skills to do. But it’s something that has been laid on your heart to accomplish!

Right now, there is a goal deep down inside of you that you are afraid to commit to, afraid to write on your goal list or even to say out loud. It is very likely beyond your finances or your ability to achieve alone. And that is OKAY!

Something happens when you give life to your dreams. As soon as you speak it out loud, share it with your friends or community, it becomes REAL. Once you have said it out loud it’s like, “Oh God, am I really doing this?” There is something there to hold you accountable now! And you’re afraid to say it, because you’re afraid to fail.

Trust me, it is scary! When we first started I told God I wouldn’t do it unless I could tell the truth about who He is in my life. And if I could do that, I wouldn’t care if we were the smallest, slowest company who had been blackballed in the marketplace. I thought it would take years to get 100 people in the room at First Steps To Success. I never thought we would have 500 people at live events.

Of course, now we are at over 1,000 at our next event. That is crazy! From hives during a business product presentation to feeding the homeless, the orphaned and the widowed on a monthly basis.

Today I want to encourage you to give life to that BIGGER vision. This community has been supporting and holding each other (and me) accountable for over a decade. Shout out what God has laid on your heart! And don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message with your friends.

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In great faith,

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