Are you one of the 57% of Americans who are unhappy with your job? CBS News stated more than half of America are unhappy because they feel underpaid, overworked and stuck!

In fact I’ve heard a lot of those complaints myself. “I’ll never get a raise… I can’t get a promotion… My boss doesn’t appreciate me.” Sound familiar?

It grieves me to hear so many are so unhappy with their careers! Especially because working is a privilege. You are not entitled to a job – in fact millions of people are unemployed and would love to have your job. Yet, so many of those who are lucky enough to have a job, don’t even appreciate it. If you’re one of those lucky enough to have a job, don’t fall into the trap of expecting everyone else to appreciate you just for being there.

However, maybe don’t think about your bosses who took a chance on you when they decided to hire you. They saw you and thought you seemed like a good fit for THEIR company and gave you a gift – an income and probably some other perks as well… health insurance, paid time off, 401K, stock options, maybe?

When was the last time you thanked your boss for all that? I heard something a few weeks ago and it was, “Your coworkers are your clients.” It totally blew my mind! Because here I was teaching on how to treat your clients like royalty… but what if everyone in your job treated each other like royalty, too?

Instead of grumbling when a coworker, your boss or someone asks a favor… what if you went above and beyond to serve them? Can you imagine how it would change your work environment? Can you imagine how you would stand a foot apart from everyone else?

Listen, I know clients and I hear tons of stories of people who thought they were in a dead-end job. But the minute you change your mindset and attitude, everything changes. Not only will you find job satisfaction, but I’ve heard of companies who created new job titles specifically to promote irreplaceable employees!

If you are unhappy with your current job, that’s okay! Maybe you have bigger plans for your life, but you have to prosper where you are planted. And complaining about your boss and your duties is not getting you anywhere.

This week – better yet, TODAY I want you to thank your boss for gifting you the opportunity to work! Write them a thank you note! If you have a manager, thank them as well. Showing appreciation will make a big difference in how you see your job and how your boss sees you.

I hope today’s message has brought you a new perspective on your job and how you can completely turn it all around. Share your comments and stories with me and don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message with your friends and coworkers!

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