Today I want to talk for a bit about social media. Most likely you participate in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other form of social interaction online. In fact, 67% of American adults reportedly use Facebook.

Social media is supposed to “connect” people, but have you noticed it so often really isolates people? According to Mashable, more than 1 in 3 social media users spend more time socializing online than face-to-face. And sadly, 1 in 5 actually prefer to communicate online rather than having personal conversations.

This is so unfortunate, because offline relationships have way more depth, understanding and commitment. Hello, over 90% of communication is nonverbal! Meaning you are missing out on a LOT in your communications with an online world.

More than that, time is money. If you are spending a large portion of your time scrolling through Facebook, socializing, retweeting quotes… that is time you could’ve spent increasing your skill sets!

Think about how much time you spend online and on social media. Seriously, I want you to calculate the number of hours a day! With that number, think of all the things you COULD be doing instead.

  1. Increasing focus at work because you aren’t distracted!
  2. Using that time to work on your goals (looking for time to work out or plan that dream vacation? FOUND IT!)
  3. Putting that time toward increasing your skill sets. Learn a new skill that could help increase your income!
  4. Taking that social media time to expose your business!

Social media does have possible income potential! Especially if you are a business owner. More than that, you’re online imprint affects your job hunt and reputation. You might want to use that extra time to clean up how you appear on the Internet for future employers and potential clients who might be checking you out.

When I say income potential you might be thinking of those obnoxious posters who won’t shut up about their product or service – causing you to ignore their posts or even to “unfriend” them. That won’t work! But there are many methods to success to help you expose your business, build your network and appease any recruiter.

Take that time you were using before to improve a new skill set. Because social media, like anything else, is a skill set. Turn your ultimate distraction into endless opportunities.

You’ve probably heard that success is related to “who you know.” I can tell you of all the tall tales about success being related to your upbringing, social status or any other imaginary factors, this one is totally true. Luckily, you have full control over who you know and how you meet new people to add to your circle of influence.

What do you think about social media? Are you ready to leave it behind for good or excited to use it to better your life? Leave me your comments below and be to sure to Like and Share today’s post within your circle of influence.

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In great faith,

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