Unless you’ve been living under a rock you likely have heard time and time again how difficult (if not impossible) it is to live on a minimum wage job. The rent keeps skyrocketing, food prices are constantly increasing.

While there is talk of increasing minimum pay in some states as high as $15/hr, there is one sure fire way to increase your pay. WHAT?!?!

Seriously if you want to increase your pay, stop working for free. “I don’t work for free!” If you are feeling overworked, tired and underappreciated I promise it’s because you are spending too much time on your “freelance” activities.

Let me explain. If you are a full time worker and parent, wife or husband, you are already wearing many hats. If you also are a constant people pleaser, day saver, friendly ear or favor giver – you’re working overtime.

Especially for those of you who want to start your own business on top of all that. Where is the time for that sort of thing? Worse yet, you might have a hobby or side business and you constantly give discounts or freebies!

A few weeks ago I spoke to a woman named Wanda from Mississippi on our daily radio show. As a caregiver, she was working 12 hour shifts 4-5 days a week while trying to maintain her own housecleaning business.

For many of you I’m sure the situation is very similar. And when your hours aren’t as flexible you have to be even more purposeful with your time. Otherwise weeks will go by and you’ll be saying, “Hey I haven’t talked to my husband really in two weeks.” YIKES.

Make sure you get out a calendar and set aside 1 hour blocks to fit in times with your spouse, family time or whatever other priorities are important to you. A lunch date, morning coffee, wherever you can steal some extra time in your day to spend it with the people or on the things that matter to you.

If you want to increase your income? Quit your unprofitable jobs. If you want to decrease your stress? Quit working for free. If you want to better your relationships? Stop giving your time to jobs that aren’t paying out in anything of value!

Let me know what jobs you need to quit. Tell me in the comments! We live in a high stress, always running around and busy world. A lot of your friend’s and family are likely feeling overworked and overtired just like you. Help them out by hitting Like and Share on this message.

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