Once upon a time, a man held a position as respected head of his household, the protector and provider for his domain… indeed, he WAS the king of his castle and ruler of all he surveyed! Hmmm, does this sound at all familiar or is it a completely alien concept? Your answer may depend on when and how you were raised. In the past, as set forth in the Bible, men were ordained to lead their homes, families and communities.

However, as women began to enter the workplace and gain a greater sense of independence, it came with the sacrifice of this traditional male image and position within our society. Where once seen as respected, honored and relied upon, now the idea of a “real man” has become either suppressed or perverted – or even worse, seen as completely unnecessary!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani reinforces the importance of men in our homes and communities and how we can restore their honor and dignity once more!

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