Do you remember that moment, when you opened your mouth and out came something that sounded exactly like your parents? You immediately sat bolt upright, your eyes opened wide and you thought, “Where did THAT come from?”… “Oh my gosh, I’ve become my mother/father!” Now, once your shock and dismay has passed, think about those classic phrases they MUST teach parents at the hospital before they’re allowed to take their kids home, and how well they worked on YOU as a kid. All the “because I said so”… “I’m going to count to three”… “Why? Because I’m your father, that’s why” just serve to stir the pot and actually accomplish nothing other than to challenge your kids to defy you even more!

Think about it, didn’t those clichés drive you absolutely crazy during your upbringing? Guess what, chances are you’re doing the exact same thing to your kids!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses the hot-button triggers repeated with every generation of parents and children that can push our kids to toward defiance and away from success!

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