Today’s world offers way too many opportunities for things to go wrong. Something isn’t working right, your clients are being difficult, maybe your employee or spouse made a mistake. When things go wrong, how do you react? Do you take a moment to figure out a way to fix the problem? Or do you totally overreact, blow a fuse or freak-out on someone?

Our world is so hostile and so full of drama queens, kings, hotheads and people who lose it in times of crisis. The problem is, overreacting is unproductive. It won’t better your relationships, your sales or your career. In fact, it hurts them! And it never solves the problem. It can even make it worse!

Last week, I spoke to a lady from the UK named Bronwen.  We were talking about people who are total drama queens and she said something very interesting, “Dani, I’m calm and collected with my clients but I can be a total drama queen when it comes to issues with my husband.”

The problem is, if you look at Bronwen, she has the self-control. She knows how to stay calm and work through issues with her clients who are lying, trying to cheat her or being annoying. But she chooses to fly off the handle to the person who should be at the top of her priority list.

If you were her husband, how would that make you feel? Probably like you weren’t that important to her.

It sounds nuts, but this type of situation is very common! Think about your life, do you tend to overreact more toward the people you are closest to? There is this idea that it’s okay to treat the people closest to us like dirt. And sure, they might still love you even if you do, but why would you choose to do it? Shouldn’t you and Bronwen be showing her husband the same grace, kindness and respect she gives to strangers?

No one wants to be around a person who overreacts. It’s stressful, unproductive and can sometimes even become hurtful.  So don’t be that person. Instead of having a meltdown, act on a solution! But more importantly, don’t participate in the hostile world that exists today. There are healthy ways to blow off steam that don’t include Facebook rants or yelling at those you care about.

Remember your priorities, because your actions will show what they truly are, very clearly. When you look at your life, are your priorities in order? Let me know in the comments about a time you’ve totally overreacted, or maybe a time you handled things calmly and worked through it quickly. Be sure to Like and Share today’s message and start changing this hostile world.

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