For some people, the holidays are a joyous occasion. But for others, this time of year can be very painful, stressful or just plain tiring. It’s likely you’re planning to spend this week or upcoming weekend with your family.

Let’s be honest… you might be related by blood, but that doesn’t mean you have anything in common! Often, hurt from past actions, personality conflicts or the inevitable bickering, can plague even the most joyous reunions.

You might encounter a slew of characters such as: “The One-Upper”… “The Gossip”… “The Reminder of Failures Past”… “The Joker” (at your expense)… ”The Arguer”… “The Sulker” and “The Non-Helpers” who sit around while you do all the work – and probably tell you how you’re “doing it wrong!”

Some of these people are might be family members you love! But that doesn’t mean they won’t add unneeded stress to your holidays.

This morning, before all the craziness starts, take a moment to review these strategies for dealing with the awesome people you love to be around, the family kooks… and everyone in between.

  • Do not play defense! When you’re defensive, you’re expecting someone to offend you (likely because of past actions). Because you expect them to offend you, anything they say or do sounds critical or pointed directly toward you.
  • Instead, be the “Agent of Peace.” Choose to forgive, release, bless, break and then renounce your judgments. If you hold onto that anger and lack of forgiveness, then the pain and its accompanying stress will stay with you.
  • Indulge only when it is really worth it. An extra piece of pumpkin pie might be REALLY worth it. But indulging in gossip is not worth anything more than additional hurt, stress and pain for anyone… yourself or others.
  • Go into the holidays to serve, not to be served. In this holiday of thankfulness – show your love and gratitude by blessing family or friends with a spirit of servitude. Don’t hold a grudge because whomever or so-and-so won’t help you with the dishes. Be grateful for the chance to bless your loved ones.

When your heart is full of gratitude, it opens up your “vault” for a bounty of blessings. You can choose to be the over-stressed family member who is annoyed or offended by everything! Or you can choose to be the agent of peace, focused on blessing your loved ones and spending time together.

If holiday stress, grocery bills, family time or anything else is pushing you to your limits – STOP! Take the time now to plan ahead and develop your holiday survival guide.

What are you doing to plan ahead this year? Let me know in your comments below and be sure to Like and Share today’s message. This holiday season should be about spreading joy, not stress!

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