According to a study by the Federal Reserve Board, 43% of American families spend more money than they earn. Why do people do that?

Today, let’s think about the notion society of what society has sold you as what wealth looks like. They’ve sold you the idea that you need these brands or those cars, so everyone knows how rich you are! Or somehow that you need those items in order to achieve a certain status.

What it leads to is not financial wisdom, it is not wealth and it is not success. It’s debt! If you spend more than you make and are living paycheck-to-paycheck, it doesn’t matter how nice your clothes are… you’re spending your way to poverty. You are living in bondage.

Even worse, this lifestyle is advertised as “the norm.” Debt is a part of life. Everyone has a smart phone, everyone buys the newest trendy styles. But underneath “the norm” everyone is broke and stressed out! Is that really your idea of success?

Please take a minute and think about your financial goals! Here are two big concepts to consider:

  1. Do you even have a vision for your financial future? If you don’t, your money will easily get sucked into other things. A man without vision will perish.
  2. Do you feel like you have to make a specific dollar amount to prove yourself? Maybe you don’t care about driving the fancy car and having the jewelry in life, but you feel the need to show everyone you’ve “made it.”

When it comes to creating your financial vision, you have to define what “making it” is for YOU. Develop a vision that is your own, not one someone else has TOLD you is financial success. If you create a vision based on the WRONG motives, you are setting yourself up to fail.

When you work toward your own financial goals, not the one everyone is told to go for, it’s not adding extra stress! Because you know you’re doing it for YOU. I encourage you to create a vision of success you want to achieve. Leave me your comments below and don’t forget to Share today’s message within your circle of influence.

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In great faith,

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