Have you ever been frustrated with your family members, spouse, children or a close friend? It happens to all of us. Sometimes you feel like you just don’t understand them, you’re not on the same page and you can’t seem to reach them.

I want to talk with you about two different types of relationships. And this actually applies to more than your relationships; you can use this mindset for your career, business or any project!

When you are only committed to a relationship, business or goal just for the short haul, you probably get upset when their agenda does not match yours. In your mind, people or things should go the way you want them to, when you want them to. Short term is all about your immediate benefits. You want the benefits of the relationship or a business NOW NOW NOW! And when you aren’t seeing the results you want, you get frustrated and often give up.

You might have, or had, people in your life who are only in it for the short-term. And it’s okay to let them go, just don’t let it be on you.

When you are in it for the long haul, your mindset is totally different. If you’re a long-term thinker you understand the value of not forcing things. You aren’t expecting immediate benefits and you recognize you also have to put in the work. You know success isn’t something that happens overnight and when you do achieve it, you have to sustain it!

One of the greatest benefits to being “in it for the long haul” is you really learn what motivates people. When you identify what’s truly important to them and what drives them as a person, you speak their love language and know just the right ways to encourage them where they are.

Don’t be focused on the immediate benefits in relationships, career or life goals. Think long-term when you’re making decisions or you will get frustrated with current circumstances.

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