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Celebrate Your Progress To Achieve Success

This begins the final week of February and it might be a great time to look back at those New Year's goals. Do you remember those?

Happy Monday! This begins the final week of February and it might be a great time to look back at those New Year’s goals. Do you remember those?

When it comes to progress, you and I both know it often doesn’t happen overnight. And even though you know it, you can get frustrated or angry when you don’t see some immediate change or end results. That makes it really easy to become discouraged. And, next thing you know, you give up and go back to those old habits… settling for the “same old, same old.”

So let me ask you this: if I told you it would take a year to accomplish all you set out to do at the beginning of 2015 and completely change your life for the better, would it be WORTH it? What if it took two years? Would that be worth it to you?

For me, the most discouraging part of witnessing another’s journey to success is watching as they don’t see how far they have come! You might not be everything you want to be tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you’re the same person you were yesterday. Even if you are just 1% better in some aspect of your life… isn’t that worth it to you?

A lot of the time, it isn’t that you’ve made no progress, it’s that you’re using the wrong measuring stick to track your progress. Instead of looking at failed endeavors or where you aren’t seeing results – look where there ARE results. I promise, if you’re looking for where you’ve failed, that’s what you’ll see. You need to drop that mindset!

Instead, think more along the lines of “Alright, I did XYZ better today, than I did yesterday.” I call those your sprouts.

When you plant a seed, be it an idea, an investment… etc. That seed needs to be watered and cared for. It doesn’t become a stalk of corn overnight. But after only a few days, you will see a tiny sprout as evidence of your work. Biologically, it isn’t a seed anymore. It’s a growing, living, thing.

You could choose to be discouraged by the fact it isn’t a crop yet, and leave your sprout to dry out and die. Or you can celebrate it, nurture it! As you begin your path to whatever destination you choose for your life, take your focus off of where you have failed before. Start tracking your progress by how FAR you’ve come. The easiest way to beat discouragement, is to celebrate progress.

What sprouts are you starting to see already? Tell me below! And don’t forget to Share and Like today’s message, because sometimes we’re our own worst critic. Join us today for The Dani Johnson Show at 12 pm ET/11 am CT. Grab your pen and notebook and meet us then. Together we can make major progress this year. Check out where you can find us on your radio today or simply stream the show live on our website. Please join me for this important discussion!

In great faith,

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Get Dani's Book First Steps to Wealth FREE!

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Get Dani's Book First Steps to Wealth FREE!

I want the Book!