In 2014, Dani Johnson alongside Food For The Poor and King’s Ransom Foundation fed over 492,000 orphans, brought clean water and aid to Haiti and helped build a school in India. In 2015, they hit the ground running and have raised over $660,000 so far to build homes for the extreme poor in Santa Pancha, Nicaragua.

Currently, more than 400 citizens live in the Santa Pacha zone in ramshackle hovels situated on top of old mining tunnels, and exist in a state of constant fear their housing will collapse or sink at any moment. Residents have to choose between walking to work to provide food for their family and staying in their homes to make sure their kids and homestead do not fall prey to a collapse.

On April 29, Dani Johnson shared the scripture reading of “The Parable of the Talents” (Matthew 25:14-26) at the charity’s morning prayer service on Wednesday. Food For The Poor’s Executive Director, Angel Aloma, named Dani Johnson an Ambassador Of The Poor.

Together Dani Johnson, Food For The Poor and King’s Ransom Foundation strive to build 1,000 safe homes including sanitation and potable water for these families along with a community center. They are teaching the men to farm and the women to sew so they can create sustainable incomes to provide for their families for generations.

If you want to learn more about this project or lend a hand in anyway, all details can be found here. King’s Ransom gives 100% of all donations to the cause.


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