In honor of Independence Day, I want to spend this morning talking about your freedom. Whatever that looks like to you, be it financial, spiritual or physical! I’ve been studying people for over two decades and one thing I’ve noticed is, people don’t actually know what freedom means.

Do not confuse freedom with laziness. Most people believe freedom means doing what you want, whenever you want, with whom you want. What happens when you live like that? Well, there are consequences: legal, emotional, financial and physical.

You have the freedom to make your own choices, but if you’re “choosing” your way into debt, filling up on unhealthy food and buying your 32nd pair of shoes, these decisions actually make you dependent. Because NOW you have health issues, rely on government aid and/or owe the bank!

Freedom is not a lack of accountability. In fact, it is all about self-accountability (or accountability to others, until you reach that point). Freedom requires you to possess self-control and self-discipline. It means you have a plan at work… and it works! It means you can stand on your own, without aid.

Freedom is NOT foolishness! If you are reaping the fruit of laziness, debt, procrastination, poor health or terrible spending habits, you are not sowing into an independent lifestyle. The proof is in that sour fruit – your gut, your bank account and your bad relationships. Do you see how this mindset is totally different than what most people think of, in terms of independence?

Today, I want you to step away from that old “freedom” mindset, the one a majority of the population holds! Their way of thinking will actually lead you into a dependent lifestyle. And who wants to be dependent, when you can have true independence?! Tell me your idea of freedom below and and Like or Share today’s message on Facebook and Twitter!

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In great faith,

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